About Us!

Our team wanted to create an all-inclusive online marketplace with a sustainable approach which is achieved by sourcing quality new and used vintage clothing, Sneakers and Hype Apparel. 

We are dedicated to our sustainable standpoint as we believe in minimizing our carbon footprint and reducing excess/unwanted waste entering our environment. We focus on vintage and second-hand goods as this has a smaller environmental impact compared to buying brand new. As a bonus from this approach, you are guaranteed to find more one-off items that are extremely hard to find all here on our marketplace. 

We want to normalise buying and wearing second-hand apparel. As much as this isn’t a new thing, we want to change the mindset of people who may still have a bad outlook on second-hand clothing.

We take pride in our sustainable approaches towards the running of our business. This includes personally sourcing vintage clothing, using sustainable packaging, and by supporting courier companies that are dedicated to reducing their environmental impacts.

Now that’s enough from us! Happy guilt-free shopping 😊

Resurrect Crew x