What Makes the Varsity Jacket so Special?

The Wool Varsity Jacket

Brief History

The Letterman Jacket was first invented in the 1930's when athletes needed heavier jackets to beat the colder days during training and between games. 

Not everyone was able to acquire their university's Varsity jacket though, and the letterman jacket became a status item within universities.

The letter wasnt for everyone and had to be earnt. You earnt it through performance on the field. Once you got it you could sew it onto the jacket, it was very serious & bragging rights earnt. 

This had been then taken hold in all Ivy League universities – a group of the 8 most prestigious private universities in the United States  in high schools and all other colleges in America. It was during this period that the term “Varsity Jacket” was born and became popular, and all athletes at the various schools (college or high school that they were) wore one. 

It was in the ’80s that the popularity of the varsity jacket exploded definitively thanks to the attention it aroused in the professional franchises of American sports.

The late 80's & 90's 

Fashion and Streetwear took ahold of this Jacket and made it their own. With superstars such as Michael Jackson, Run-D.M.C and N.W.A wearing them frequently, it wasnt long til its popularity reached streetwear and was worn in fashionable style, rather than being earn through years of sports. 

Stussy was one of the first brands to manufacture a fashionable Varsity and it blew up even more from then onwards. 

Today's World

Varsity jackets are very sought after in todays fashion. Vintage Wool Varsity's are the most sought after. We believe its because theyre sick as f, and a great piece to dress up or down, along with the jacket being worn in, warm as heck, featuring history and comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

The ultimate all round Jacket - Vintage heat - Fashionable and instagram worthy.

cop your jacket from us today, just dropped 15 dope as f Vintage Varsity jackets.



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